Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When Is It Time To Say Buh-Bye?

We have been asked - what would make a publicist / agency stop working with a client? There are several factors. Remember, an agency's name and reputation goes with the clients they represent. The quickest way to burn a top media contact is to send them mediocre interview topics and guests. That's the primary decision making factor for us. Are the clients giving us great material to pitch? If we have provided all our advice and guidance, and the client doesn't want to take it or won't put the effort in -- then why did they hire us, right?

No matter how much we may like a client personally, we have to think of our media contacts first. That journalist will interview many of our clients over time, and we can't compromise the relationship. There are other factors as well. The article at the link below offers some great tips.