Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrity Photographer Bill Rich (Guest Post)

Theatrical and PR photography is truly a unique art. As publicists, we cannot emphasize enough how important great photos are. It takes years of industry experience to know exactly what type of photos really work. Below, is a guest post by our longtime friend and top photographer, Bill Rich. In addition to new talent, his portfolio reads like a celebrity who's who (see just a couple examples below). In this post, Bill offers some tips to help choose the best photographer for your needs and situation.

**** I showed my wife some thoughts I wrote about choosing a great photographer and she said, "Booooring" -- so I said: "What do you want -- Quantum Physics?"

Choosing a photographer can be a daunting task, considering there are over 100,000 professional photographers in the U.S., and millions who claim to be photographers with cell phone and apps in hand. Actually, that's a good place to start. Make sure your photographer is professional, with professional equipment, a professional portfolio, and LOTS of experience.

Make sure you like their style. Meet with them, or talk to them. When you find the right photographer, you will know it. You will know that you have made a connection with a photographer who will make you feel good about yourself and capture your essence. This is a photographer who will guide you through movement, breathing, thinking, posing and posture, characters and moods, natural and joyful expressions, and very important, what you are feeling. They are going to teach you how to take the reins and take charge of the shoot, guiding you to access your best Self. You will leave your shoot feeling like a better person.

This really is starting to sound like Quantum Physics. Here's the easy stuff: 

Remember, it doesn't matter how many shots you take -- it could be 30 or 300. The goal is to make you happy with the results.

Headshot photo shoots range from $100 to $2,000, and higher. Going with the least expensive photographer may waste your time and money since you may have to re-shoot. You certainly don't have to go with the most expensive photographer either.

You have to like the photographer as a person -- not just like their images. This is the person you are going to feel comfortable enough with to let down your guard and take off your mask to capture an alluring image that the viewer can't get out of their mind. ****

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